Rally Obedience Classes

Looking for a sport to have fun with your dog?

Our Rally Obedience classes are the next step after Family Dog Training 2.  Now that you have a great relationship with your dog we can start training the exercises.  We start teaching the basics of heeling using perches and proof the basic sit, down, stand and stay positions in the various formats of the RallyO signs, all the while continuing socialisation.  Handlers use the skills learnt in FDT2 to train obedience tricks and  exercises.    

We teach reward based training methods using food or toy/play to reward behaviours.

You receive:

One-hour training sessions (with a little homework:) Thursday 7-8pm   


  • Must have attended our FDT2 course or equivalent
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your class to help setup equipent
  • C3 vaccination certificate or titre test
  • Lots of small treats your dog loves and a hungry dog
  • Tug toy or toy dog likes
  • Closed in shoes

Cost:  $5   

Below is the link to our booking software




You must have completed our FDT2 course or an equivalent course before applying for Rally Obedince - send us an email with details so we can put you in the right class. 



Contact Details

Leonie Crowe
15 Englefield Road, Oxley 4075, QLD, Australia
Phone : Prefer contact by email
Email : [email protected]