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Puppy Preschool and Family Dog Training courses

We sell 3 types of packages for our courses depending on the age of your dog.

Puppy Plus Puppy Preschool and Family Dog Training 1 $200
The Family Family Dog Training 1 and 2 $220
The Lot Puppy Preschool and Family Dog Training 1 and 2 $320


A puppy must be under 13 weeks to attend Puppy Preschool.

Family Dog Training 1 is suitable for dogs over 16 weeks and has no training pre-requisites.

After you successfully complete Family Dog Training 1, you can enrol in Family Dog Training 2 to extend your skills.

Click here to buy a package which gives you discounted credits and priority into your chosen courses. Once you have purchased a package, please email [email protected] to get your allocated course information.

Family Dog Training 1 and 2 are pre-requisites for all other courses and classes at our club. You can contact us to discuss an assessement if you have completed training elsewhere.

Rally obedience and trick classes

After you have graduated from Family Dog Training 2, you can continue to work on your skills and have fun with your dog at our casual Thursday night classes. The cost is $5 each class and we alternate between Rally or Tricks each week.

To attend, you need to be a member of the club. Membership runs from July to June and costs $20 for a single, $30 for a family and $10 for pensioners.  If you have attended a course in the same financial year, your membership is included in the course fee.

You can become a member here and sign up for classes here.


After you have graduated from Family Dog Training 2, we have an Agility Foundations course which is the starting point for teaching your dog agility skills.

We run a one-off 'Agility Foundations - Are you ready?' class where you can get more information about the skills necessary to get the most out of the Agility Foundations course. Email us at [email protected] if you are interested.

Graduates of Agility Foundations can move on to our Agility Handlers course and then to our casual Intermediate/Advanced Agility classes.

Check out the individual course pages for more information about course content!