Training tips

Please arrive 15 minutes early to let your dog become comfortable with the new area!

EQUIPMENT: The accepted equipment for training is a soft flat collar, a martingale collar, a halter or a harness. We do not allow the use of check chains or other collars that may inflict pain or discomfort for the dog.

LEAD: A soft lead (e.g. woven nylon or leather) at least 750 mm long with a quick release clip at one end and a loop at the other. No chain or retractable leads.

HANDLERS: Closed in shoes are essential for safety and insurance purposes. Clothing needs to fit so the dog is not distracted by any movement.

FOOD: Always bring small pieces of food to use as a reward when training. These need to be quickly accessible and appealing to the dog (e.g. cheese, sausage, chicken or kibble). Food on the ground will be distracting for the dogs, so please pick up any dropped food.

Ensure that your dog is hungry when you arrive at training. This will ensure more motivation to work for your treats.

ISSUES: Let your trainer know if your dog has a particular issue. We may be able to work on these during class and give your dog the environment needed to focus and learn as well as discuss additional training options.